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We GigaWebZone LLP, are experienced and trusted Agency/A WordPress Website Development Company for the last 12 Years. We are previously known as “Avighna Infosys”. We mastered in custom and tailor-made WordPress Websites.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System.

According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 43% of all the websites on the Internet. It is designed as a blogging platform initially, where the blogger/writer can share their thoughts or stories on the internet with this platform.

It is an open-source platform, completely free to use. It is self-hosted and can be hosted on any Linux based or Windows-based server with fewer resources too. So, it reduces the infrastructure and deployment cost, which make this platform affordable and economical for start-ups and small scale business. Nowadays big enterprises also use WordPress.

As the evolution goes on and on, this platform started to use by businesses to develop from Simple content-based websites to more complex web-portal websites.

Why Business should use WordPress Development?

WordPress website development Company

Now you know what WordPress is. To design a Website you do not need to be a WordPress developer and it is not mandatory to have little expertise in WordPress. We have here to serve you. Shockingly above all requirements are fulfilled by the WordPress Platform with ease. Below are some highlighted features offered by WordPress to create top-performing websites. To get more Sales your website must have been found over the Internet. To be found on Internet your website must be SEO friendly. After visitors visit your website, there should be eye catchy, highly converting landing pages with a great call to action. The page should be loaded and open quickly. The Landing page should be mobile responsive, clearly readable and visible on any mobile screen.

Easy Content management with WordPress

Easy to use Content management platform

Anyone knows how to operate a computer and operating system, he/she can manage a WordPress website. A simple office documents editor like interface helps a newbie to write and modify articles and posts.

Design Flexibility with WordPress

Designing Flexibility and modularity

It is an open-source platform with more than 5000+ design themes and more than 10000+ plugins hosted to extend the functionality and usability of the website. So by using them we can create advanced and custom WordPress websites.

Search Engine optimisation

Here WordPress shine. WordPress is designed with SEO friendly Structure. Search engine loves WordPress designed websites. Because it can include Meta titles, Meta Descriptions and keywords. Some plugins help to submit the website to the Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager without having too much technical knowledge

Services by GigaWebZone LLP
A WordPress Website Development Company

We are a WordPress Website development company

We GigaWebZone LLP, A WordPress Website Development Company. Offering all related and respected services in the WordPress segment. Our 12 years of experience and development of 300+ WordPress Projects give us a core understanding of WordPress Development. We understand how this, world’s best CMS platform can be used to grow business over the Internet. We had a clear understanding and knowledge of WordPress structure, Themes and plugins along with third parties offerings. Below are glimpses of the services we are offering in the segment.

Professional Website Design by by GigaWebZone

Professional Website Design and Development

Our hands one expertise in WordPress give us the ability to improve, customise and modify the core themes and plugins as per the need and requirement. Every design is mobile responsive, SEO friendly and with social media integration. Our designs not look only beautiful but also quick loading and synchronised with the business theme too. We can tweak the WordPress as per the business requirement and demand. In the market we are known as "A WordPress Website development company"

WordPress Management by GigaWebZone

WordPress Management

Experience gives you mastery. A famous says “Practice make man perfect.” We experienced it. A successful website project not only be designed and developed perfectly, but also it should run flawlessly too. Especially in terms of WordPress, it is open-source, so it is vulnerable to hackers and other threats. So keeping it safe is the essence of the management of a website. We had a central management platform to monitor all client’s websites from one place. Help us to notice any inconsistency immediately so we take action without any delay.

WordPress Management by GigaWebZone

WordPress Maintenance

As it is open source in nature so developers of core WordPress, themes and plugins release regular updates. Keeping the website updated regularly is an essential task to keep the website safe and secure. It is mandatory too. We offer extensive WordPress management services. No matter is a website developed by us or any other company? If you need maintenance services, our experts are ready. We offer regular backup services, scheduled scan services, update services and troubleshoot services. We provide a monthly maintenance report, including tasks we have taken to maintain and keep secure

WordPress SEO by GigaWebZone

WordPress SEO

If your website is not appearing in search results against your primary business keyword, then your website is not supporting your business growth. We take care of this. Our core development along with Technical SEO covers Meta tags like focused keywords, Meta titles, Meta descriptions and the right permalink structure. Implement Rich snippets wherever needed. We submit the website in the Google search console. Configure Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on the website to better monitor and understand the SEO efforts and results.

Conversion rates optimisation by GigaWebZone

Conversion Rate Optimisation

After analysis of the Google Analytics report, our expert will optimise your website or landing pages to convert more and generate more sales and more revenue, which is always the ultimate goal of any business. In this process, our executive will collaborate with you to create a compelling offer with a good discount to your targeted customers. We always keep the track of traffic vs conversion ratio and will keep informing you the same.

Custom Website development by GigaWebZone

WordPress Custom Web Development

Your business needs a Directory module? Booking an appointment? Membership or community enrolments? Search and filter options? Conditionally and logical outputs/display? Any other customisation? We are there. Our special team of experts in advanced custom fields and custom taxonomies, use them wherever required. The ultimate goal is to create a better user experience and render exact information about what customer is looking for. Your wish is our command. We customise WordPress at any level. Sipley becasue we are a WordPress Website development company

Website Audit by GigaWebZone

WordPress Website Audit

We had a centrally manage platform where we monitor all client’s websites from one control panel/dashboard. We monitor website updates, malware, infections, other threats, broken links, 404 errors and search console errors. Our automated control panel notify us immediately and we take action too. All these actions taken will notify you on a monthly email report. Also if your website was developed by any other developer company, we will audit the entire website and will let know what are points needed attention and rectification.

Why Choose GigaWebZone LLP?
A WordPress Website Development Company

GigaWebZone WordPress development company

We are having Maximum Efficiency

We had more than 13 years of experience and developed more than 300+ WordPress website projects. We know how to and what to do. We also had a dedicated team working remotely in case of heavy workload and intensive project work. We follow standard project management practices to complete on time and avoid confusion and repeat work.

We offer Custom Fit Design

Each business had different customers, accordingly different requirements. So we understand different user experiences for different segments of the business. So we offer tailor-made / custom designs of the website with different functionality. You may need a directory module, may need a booking and appointments module, and may need a membership or community module or any customisation you need, can be achieved on WordPress. As we always say to our clients “you wish is our command”

We offer Worry-Free management

Each coin has two sides. Because of its “Open source in nature” and self-hosted free software. WordPress is an easy target for hackers and vulnerable. So WordPress management is a continuously engaging task. We know business had their tasks to run business and do not have time to manage websites, so we had comprehensive website management services which offer complete peace of mind. Businesses never need to worry about their website’s security and management.

We provide Multi-layer Support

You may need to add some articles to the website, and you may need to connect your social media accounts and profiles to the website. Sometimes you need to add some functionality or features to the website. Sometimes you may need some reports regarding website visitor statistics. Businesses face some difficulties with their websites site. We provide complete troubleshooting support. Also, our expert team offer consultancy services to guide to achieve more benefits out of their website.

We craft Client-centric design

a. Business runs locally and offline too. Services business and product selling business runs differently. Each business type had their methodology to acquire and retain customers. Their offline and real-life practical business tactics should align with the website and online marketing strategies. As we served more than 300+ businesses in past we know this very well. We always understand and did changes accordingly to gain real benefits to the business.

We create Sales focused sites

The ultimate goal of any website is to get more business in terms of traffic, customer, sales or direct revenue. So every website should be a Sales focused or sales-oriented website design. We here at GigaWebZone, ultimately design for the customers

We offer superior website analytics

We also set up automated tracking for your Social media advertising companion or Google Ads, video ads marketing companion. You will receive notifications at regular intervals of time by email. This report includes complete in-depth analytics of website traffic, clicks, conversation, repeat visitors and actual revenue generated.

We stay ahead of the curve

Here at GigaWebZone each expert is updated with the latest updates from WordPress, Google and Bing searches. Also, update themselves with the latest trends in development and design. We knew that our knowledge is our asset and this should be used to grow the business of our clients.

We are always on the time

The development timeline will be shorted among the competitions, though it is dependent on the complexity and amount of the content of the website, we assured you the development and deployment timeline will be the shortest one. We’ll never make false promises and instead deliver on a realistic and mutually agreed-upon timeframe.

Our WordPress Expert’s WordPress
development Process

We are a WordPress Website development company

Our WordPress developers and WordPress Experts give you recommendations after a full understanding of the goal and aim behind the website development.


We define your website project scope and marketing objectives, and we prepare a paper contract with both parties’ concerns including the timeline and terms of services.


Our WordPress executive will deliver the entire website project as per your need and according to the scope of the project.

You will get full access to manage and maintain your Website.


We always remain in communication to offer unmatched support whenever you need it. Ensuring that your website will always work for your business and assist in your business growth.

Remember GigaWebZone LLP is hardcode “A WordPress Website development company”

We are A WordPress Website Development Company

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We are a WordPress Website Development Company
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We are a WordPress website development company from Pune, Maharashtra. We have 12 years of experience in working with WordPress. In these 12 years, we had developed more than 300+ websites. Of these 300+ websites, few are business websites, professionals website, small e-commerce websites to bigger shopping portal websites, appointment booking and scheduling websites, directory portals and community websites. From Simple websites to dynamically database-oriented websites too. You name it we will deliver it.